Thursday, March 31, 2011

Governments - Part 1

  The Republic. The Empire. Everyone's heard of them, including you. How can anyone claim to be a Star Wars fan and not know the Republic and the Empire. The easygoing, peace loving society of the Republic, and the disciplined, order-craving Empire.

  But what about the Galactic Alliance? The New Republic? The Fel Empire? The Imperial Remnant?
The One Oreder? Man, you've got some learning to do. Let's jump into it.

    Ah yes, the republic. Usually the good guys, infallibly the distant silhouettes on the horizon of the moral high ground, with the sun behind them and the hordes of evil beneath them.
But let's cut the crap. At it's heart, this government is a ruthless, backstabbing, political nightmare, sheltered in bureaucracy and deception. From panzy ass bothans sitting in dark rooms plotting their political moves, to shining figureheads and leaders, there's always a battle going on within it's workings and always danger.

    Originally formed almost 25,000 BBY, it was cut and pasted together with promises of mutually beneficial trade, dispute resolution, through military might if necessary and enforceable security. It's supposed to have sustained itself for that 25,000 years with barely any military, just scrounging one up if a threat arose, and lasted in relative peace.
Peace until the dark times. Until the Empire.

  Strength. Discipline. Power through fear.
This is how the Galactic Empire ruled.
It was founded in around 19 BBY by Emperor Palpatine, although the general idea has been around since the formation of the Sith and Jedi (various forms of imperial government existed before the GE, there were no structured, dominant Empires.).
See, originally the Sith and Jedi were one single faction. They went exploring, and the Jedi found Tython, and the Sith found Korriban. The Force was strong on those planets. Tython had an abundance of light side energy, Korriban had alot of Dark Side energy. Over time, the Sith and Jedi grew apart, much like the mental embrace of two spirits adrift in a sea of conflicting ideology. So the Empire had a bunch of wars with the Republic, and eventually took 'em over from the inside in 19 BBY, and it lasted a good 30 years or so.
Then Luke Skywalker was like "hurr durr my family's dead ima go overthrow a multi-system galactic government with the most powerful military in history, and make out with my sister." so that happened.
After that, the remnant of the Empire, headed by Admiral Thrawn, led a guerrilla campaign against the nubile and still mostly impotent New Republic. After the New Republic won that war for absolutely no reason, Admiral (then captain) Gilad Palleon took over, and retreated to Bastion. There he stayed with his empire, governing the much smaller group of planets that elected to stay in the empire from the relative safety of the fortress-world.
Then he got involved helping the Galactic Alliance against the Sith Order of One in the Second Galactic Civil War.
Also, Jessica, or Isabella, or Jennifer Fel or whatever her name is is a giant whore. Go die in a fire, Jessabellifer. Sincerely -

-People Who Understand Why Women Make Shitty Imperial Knights.

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